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The ONE QUALITY All Women CRAVE In A Man... 
Learn This & You'll Attract ANY WOMAN You Want
The ONE QUALITY All Women CRAVE In A Man... 
Learn This & You'll Attract 
Hey my man,

What if I told you there's ONE THING - just ONE THING - that makes ALL the difference so women INSTANTLY notice you, feel deep, gut-level attraction for you, and NEED to be with you?

Even if they're stunning 10's - supermodels, gorgeous socialites and famous stars.  And no matter what you look like, what shape you're in, how much money you make or what your social status is!
Attracting Your Dream Girl is EASY ... IF You Have This Quality
Now I'm guessing, you want to know what this ONE THING is so you can be completely confident women find you attractive, and be able to attract your Dream Girl (even if she's your ex), so easily and effortlessly it's like taking candy from a baby, am I right?

Then keep reading, coz I'm gonna share it with you shortly.  And I'm so excited man, because it's really AWESOME!

But first, just in case you don't know me yet, let me introduce myself ... 

I'm Baden Maxwell, founder of THE MAN: Alpha Academy.  Since 2010, I've been helping guys all over the world understand how attraction REALLY WORKS so they can develop iron-clad confidence, BE the man that women ADORE, and easily attract the girl of their dreams - whether she's their ex or an amazing new woman.

And when I learned that ONE THING way back in 1999, I was able to quickly overcome my heartbreak, loneliness and confusion, explode my confidence, become that man women adore and completely transform my dating and love life.

Becoming that man also helped me land a job as a Flight Attendant where I was surrounded by gorgeous women every day.  And my beautiful work colleagues shared with me EXACTLY what they think and feel about men, love, lust and sex.

I learned from beautiful women themselves, what they REALLY want in a man!

Best of all, I've been able to EASILY attract my dream girl and make her fall madly in love with me ... 

... AND become my wife!

Imagine ... You're in a bar with your friends.  Suddenly, the most gorgeous woman you've ever seen walks in.  She's making your heart thump in your chest.  Just looking at her is exciting you so much, your head is spinning.  

The boys notice her too.  In fact, ALL the guys are eyeing her up because she's so hot.  And as your friends - and all the other guys - stand around and check her out, you fearlessly stride up to her, extend your hand to shake hers and say Hi.  
Her eyes lights up, she smiles warmly and says Hi back.

You talk to her - confidently, effortlessly, smoothly - and before you know it ... She's laughing and giggling like a 16 year old school girl, touching you, smooching up to you and giving you "The Look!"

And within minutes, you're kissing so passionately, the security have to come over and tell the two of you to go get a room!  BOOM ... Just like that ... EASY!

Sound too good to be true?  I used to think so too.  Because for me, it wasn't always like this ...
I Felt Like A Total Loser With Women Before I Learned This Powerful Secret
March 1997.  I'm standing in my front doorway wondering what the hell just happened, asking myself, 'Why?'  A minute earlier, my fiance of 7 years said to me, "I'm not in love with you anymore ... It's over!"  

I feel like I've been sucker punched ... In the nuts!

I don't know why she doesn't want me any longer.  I thought we were going to be together for life.  Just 25yrs old and my woman is gone.  

Man, I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart.  It's so painful my chest feels like its being crushed by a ton of bricks.  

It's crippling.  It's clouding my thinking.  I'm lost and confused!

And I feel like a chicken with no head and don't know whether to jump in my car and chase her or sit down and cry like a baby.

Over the next few days the heartache gets worse.  I can't eat.  I can't sleep.  I can't focus.  I'm devastated and heartbroken and I slip into the depths of misery and despair.

I try to win her back by showering her with flowers and chocolates, and writing poems and love songs.  I beg her again and again to take me back, "Come on baby, I love you so much.  I'll do ANYTHING to prove it to you, just give me another chance."

But it's no good.  No matter what I say, no matter what I do, NOTHING WORKS!  

So naturally, I hit the town with my friends, trying to find someone new to ease my pain.  And like so many of us, I'm one of those guys who stands around checking out hot women, instead of being fearless and making a move to meet someone I like.

I stand around with the boys, trying to look cool, HOPING beautiful women will be interested in me.  But no matter how "cool" I think I am, they just don't pay me ANY ATTENTION!  (Sound familiar?)
What Most Guys Do Wrong With Women
See, everything I did was WRONG!  The things I did are just NOT what women find attractive.  And the bad news is, they're things most of us think are what make women like us.  So chances are ...

... You may be doing them too ...
  • I bought them drinks ... That didn't work
  • I gave them flowers and chocolates ... That didn't work
  • I did what they told me to do ... That didn't work
  • I said things I thought they wanted to hear ... That didn't work
  • I tried being deep and meaningful ... That didn't work
  • I bent over backwards to please them and keep them happy ... That didn't work
  • I was a really, REALLY Nice Guy ... That didn't work
  • I did whatever I could to impress them ... That didn't work
  • I even stooped to being loud and obnoxious just so women would look at me ... That certainly didn't work either.
NONE of it worked!  

Can you relate?  Have you ever done any of these things as well?

All the beautiful women I tried to meet just gave me that Eww Look and told me to "Get Lost" or "Fuck Off!"

That just made me shit scared of hot women and I turned into a shy, nervous, stuttering wreck whenever I was around someone I found attractive.  To be honest, I'd been like that ever since high school.  It just got worse once I started suffering all this rejection and humiliation.

But I started to think that some guys just "have it," and others don't ... And I honestly thought I didn't "have it."  In fact, I thought I must've attracted my ex by accident seeing we met when we were still teenagers and she was my first real relationship.

So if you feel like you don't "have it" ... or if you turn into a shy, nervous wreck ... or if women don't pay any attention to you ... or if you keep kicking yourself for not having the balls to meet the women you really like ... I know how you feel, that was me too!
The Life Changing Moment I Discovered What Women 
REALLY Find Attractive 
That's why I started a "Mission."  I got sick and tired of being rejected and feeling useless with women.  I needed to find out WHAT they find attractive, WHY they find these things attractive, and HOW I could be the type of man they lust after and fall madly in love with.

And the thing that triggered my Mission happened one Friday night in the middle of 1999, in a popular club in my hometown.  I saw a guy who was so successful with women, it was like he was a rock star.  Honestly, the hottest women in the place that night were ALL throwing themselves at him!

And the thing that struck me most, was he wasn't even very good looking.  Average at best I thought.  He wasn't in great shape, he wasn't famous either.  Maybe rich, I don't know, but definitely not famous.  So man, I was stumped!

You ever seen this happen as well?

Anyway, in that moment I had an epiphany ... I realised, if an average looking, out of shape guy like him can attract the hottest women in this club, there has to be a SECRET.  And if there's a secret, it means ANYONE can learn it!  

I KNEW ... If he can do it, I can do it!

So the very next day, I jumped online and started searching for answers (internet 1999 = sloooow).  I sifted through a few websites - mostly shit, but a couple of good ones.

That's when I was lucky enough to stumble on a site where I met my mentors!

That website introduced me to a couple of the most successful dating coaches in the world.  And my mentors taught me how to behave and communicate with women the RIGHT WAY ... So they couldn't help themselves ... So they automatically found me attractive!

And honestly, it blew me away!  (Man, after all these years, I STILL get super excited about sharing this.  It's so cool)!
Finally ... The Secret Weapon - The ONE THING - Women 
Ready to discover the Secret Weapon, the ONE THING, women just can't resist?  Are you ready to see HOW to BE the type of man they crave, fall madly in love with and never want to leave?

... Well that ONE THING, is simply ...


Huh?  What's that?  I can hear you saying.

Here's what I mean ... Just like females in the animal kingdom, women are attracted to Alpha Males on a primal, instinctive level.  And they can't resist their primal instincts - nobody can - they're too powerful!

See, there are 2 primary purposes of life - Survival and Reproduction!

Every single human - male AND female - is hardwired to accomplish these 2 purposes.

We all do whatever it takes to stay safe and alive.  

We're all hardwired to survive!

And we're all endowed with powerful sexual urges so our own genes as well as our entire species continues to exist.  

We're all hardwired to reproduce!

These 2 purposes are natures ultimate survival mechanism and they affect every single one of us on the most basic, primal level.

Now back to the animal kingdom for a second ...

If we take Apes as an example, most species are controlled by one dominant male - the Alpha Male!  He's the strongest, the fittest and the smartest, which gives him the greatest chances of survival.  Because he has the greatest chance of survival, he leads the pack.

Being the leader, the females gravitate to him because he provides life's necessities and keeps them safe and alive.  And because he fulfills their survival purpose, they feel sexual attraction for him because he also gives their offspring the greatest chance of survival ...

Here's the kicker:  Humans are EXACTLY THE SAME!  Human females are wired the same as ape females (most species of females actually).

If you understand how this principle works and why we're hardwired this way, you'll know what women instinctively NEED in a man.  You'll understand why women ALWAYS fall for certain men (even when it seems completely illogical), and why we often see the nicest guys around continuing to fail!

That's why attracting women has got absolutely NOTHING to do with your looks, your physique, your bank balance, your car or any other thing most of us think matters.

It's ALL about triggering primal instincts.  And triggering primal instincts in women simply takes BEING the type of man they're hardwired to look for ... A Powerful Alpha Male!

Hey look, I know for many guys the term "Alpha Male" isn't a positive thing.  I get it, I used to feel that way too.

So before we go any further it's important you understand what being an Alpha Male is.  There's so much confusion and misunderstanding about it's true meaning and so many people have the wrong perception.

Now I'm NOT talking about being a macho tough guy or the biggest, buffest, baddest dude on the planet.  You don't have to be a gang-banger or a Brock Lesnar.  Those things have absolutely NO relevancy to YOU being a true Alpha.

All it means to be Alpha, is to be in total control of YOUR own life!

You are the one in charge.  You are the decision maker.  You are the leader.

You are DOMINANT!  (Not domineering, just Dominant ... Huge difference).

And THAT is what women find irresistible.  They're hardwired to look for the most dominant males ...


(Think Caesar from Planet of The Apes, NOT Koba ... That's the difference).

How cool is that?  Pretty awesome that's what it comes down to, don't you think?
The Alpha Gene Is Powerful ... But Without THIS, It's NOT Enough
It's not just the Alpha Gene that matters though.  It's your MASCULINITY as well!  

Feminine is attracted to Masculine like a powerful magnet ... It's one of the most basic constructs of nature.
So ALL you have to do to EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY attract any woman you want, is harness that natural attraction mechanism ... It's so simple!

But like I mentioned earlier, it's definitely NOT the "macho" type of masculine that so many of us think we need to be, that women are attracted to.  It's a special type, the type that powerful, authoritative leaders and confident, assertive men have ...

... It's what I call Alpha Masculinity!

This is one of the reasons they're so attracted to bad boys ... Most bad boys have powerful Alpha Masculinity (but not all their traits are attractive, which is why women also hate them so much when they're with them)!

And to be honest, I thought I was already masculine enough.  But in reality, I wasn't anywhere near the type of masculine women find attractive.  I definitely WASN'T an Alpha.  That's why my ex left me.

See the thing is, most of us THINK we're manly and masculine.  But the truth is, when it comes to dealing with beautiful women, we actually turn into little wimps ... 

We're nervous.  We're insecure.  We're afraid!

We try to spoil them.  We try to please them.  We try to impress them!

All because this is what we think - WHAT WE'VE BEEN TAUGHT - are the things that will make women like us.  We've been told to be Nice Guys and do whatever it takes to make them happy and feel special!

Have you heard that before?  It's pretty standard, right?

But this sort of behaviour is "servant" behaviour.  And women DON'T want to be with a servant ...


This is why they throw themselves at A-List actors, Front-men of rock bands, Presidents of countries, CEO's of corporations, Captains of sports teams and those ole Bad Boys ... They're all Kings ... They're The Alphas!

They all have powerful Alpha Masculinity!
Why Women Hate 'Nice Guy' Behaviour
The sad fact is, women DON'T find typical "Nice Guy" behaviour attractiveThey actually HATE IT! 

It's why so many Nice Guys don't get anywhere with the ladies.  It's why we often see arrogant jerks with some of the most beautiful women we know (I know, it sucks ... But unfortunately, it's The Truth)!
It's also why my fiance left me and why all the other women rejected me - my behaviour was just too nice ... I was a servant!

Hey, don't get me wrong though.  If you're a Nice Guy, that's awesome!  Because women DO want a good guy.

But the key to being successful with beautiful women - the highest quality women - is you've gotta be a well-balanced man ... A powerful blend of Nice Guy qualities and Bad Boy traits. 

A GENTLEMAN who isn't afraid to be cheeky, fun and exciting!

Most importantly ... You've gotta be The Alpha!

And here's the thing ... If you want to attract AND KEEP your Dream Girl, it's imperative you're a man of honour, respect and integrity.

You can't be one of those sleazy creeps using weasel tricks just to get into her pants.  Or some punk-ass player hooking up with as many women as possible just to satisfy your ego and your dick!

I see so many other dating experts teaching guys to be this way.  And to me, THAT is bullshit behaviour!

I actually take a strong stand against those sorts of teachings!

It's dishonourable, it's disrespectful and to your Dream Woman, it'll be totally disgusting!

The key is to BE the strongest, most confident and attractive version of yourself ...

... BUT an honourable and respectful Alpha!

... Not just some guy who knows a few pickup routines to get laid!  That's NOT what women are really looking for - not short-term, not long-term ... Not ANY term!

The highest calibre women (every woman actually), they ALL dream of finding a genuine, well-balanced man who has the perfect blend of Nice Guy qualities and Bad Boy traits!  They want a confident, authoritative, exciting and cheeky gentleman!

They want a REAL MAN!

After hearing all that, it makes sense right?

That's why at THE MAN: Alpha Academy, our mission, our entire purpose, is to help you evolve into the best version of yourself and show you how to unleash your Alpha Gene, reconnect with your masculinity and blend it with your Nice Guy qualities so women want to be with you long-term, instead of teaching you weasel tricks just get to laid.

If you want to attract and make your Dream Girl crave you, adore you AND fall madly in love with you, you HAVE to be a man of honour, respect and integrity!

Don't be a punk-ass player who only knows a few tricks to get into her pants.  You have to be a Real Man, NOT a weasel!

... You've gotta BE The Alpha ... You've gotta BE The King ... You've gotta be THE MAN!

THAT is who she wants.  That's what you've gotta do, WHO you've gotta be.  And that's The Secret my mentors revealed to me!
Now to be totally honest with you, I was really skeptical and actually thought there was NO WAY this stuff was going to transform my dating and love life ... My entire life! 

I thought it would make women hate me.  It was all so counter-intuitive!

In fact, that mindset and those reservations made it REALLY difficult for me in the beginning!

Because of my false beliefs, I found it hard to apply these principles.  I found it hard to see the truth.  And because of that, I continued to fail!

But once I pushed my perceptions and beliefs aside, and just applied what my mentors were teaching me, things really changed - and QUICKLY ...

You can guess what happened next right?  


In fact, I couldn't believe HOW WELL it WORKED!

I mean, I'm the guy who kept getting that Eww look and told to, "Get Lost" and "Fuck Off!" 

I'm the guy who was so shy and nervous around beautiful women, I couldn't even look them in the eye and say, "Hi." 

But there I was.  EASILY attracting beautiful women just by doing what my mentors taught me.  

When I just went out and did what I was taught, REALLY did what my mentors advised me to do, women started treating me way, way, WAAYYY differently! 

Not only that, my new traits and attitudes also helped me land a job as a Flight Attendant.  I was working and socialising with some of the hottest women in my country.  

And my gorgeous work colleagues revealed to me EXACTLY what beautiful women themselves, REALLY think about men, love, lust and sex.

They confirmed to me, what I'd been taught by my mentors about attracting women, IS THE TRUTH!

It's pretty awesome how easy it is to be successful with women WHEN you know HOW!
Becoming The Man - The ALPHA - ALL Women 
DREAM Of Being With Forever
Fast forward to today.  I can attract ANY woman I want now, wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.  Don't even have to do anything special.  None of the usual things most of us think it takes to attract women.  It just happens automatically.

In fact, I do things most guys think are what make women hate our guts.  That's NOT what happens though ... It's the exact OPPOSITE.  It makes them like me even more!

Since I discovered how to unleash my Alpha Gene, I've never had to TRY to get the women I liked.  I never had to HOPE they liked me.  They just automatically do.  They can't help themselves.

But not only that, I also get massive respect from the guys I know and meet as well.  That's what happens when you're a powerful Alpha - EVERYONE gives you the respect you deserve ... From the cute waitress at your local cafe to CEO's of billion-dollar corporations!

EVERYONE respects you more!  

Isn't that something you want too?

It's hard to describe how awesome it feels to automatically get respect from everyone you know and meet, or have beautiful women check you out and WANT YOU, no matter where you are or what you're doing ...
  •  Without doing anything special to draw attention to yourself ...
  •  Without bending over backwards trying to please people ...
  •  Without being loud and obnoxious ...
  •  Without buying women drinks ...
  •  Without using bullshit pickup lines ...
  •  Without going overboard trying to impress them ...
  •  Without saying things you don't really mean just to make them like you ...
  •  And without changing who you are and pretending to be someone you're NOT!
And the confidence you feel being able to fearlessly "make a move" and approach ANY WOMAN - no matter how hot, popular or famous she is - without turning into a nervous, stuttering wreck.

Or the pride you feel when your friends and other guys look at you in awe because you're always with the hottest women around.

Or the power you feel when you walk into a room and EVERYONE gives you INSTANT respect - without even having to do anything.

Or even just being able to communicate with a beautiful woman who has the potential to be "The One," and see her feeling deeper and deeper levels of attraction, lust and even LOVE for YOU.

No matter what's driving you to be more attractive to the women you want most, The Power of Alpha Masculinity is the key.
Up Till Now, You've Used Guesswork & Hoping In Your Love Life.  
How About A Proven Recipe?
If you want to be successful with women, you have to know how to communicate in a way that ignites their emotions. 

And most importantly, you have to KNOW HOW to move through the meeting-attraction-dating process THE RIGHT WAY!  Because if you don't, chances are pretty high you'll make mistakes that'll destroy your chances.  

You NEED The Recipe!

You need a map, a system, a blueprint a proven, step-by-step path to success!

The fact is, for most of us, attraction and dating is a lot like gambling, do you agree?

We're just not sure how things will pan out.  We're not sure how a woman is going to respond.  We're not sure if she likes us or not.  We're just not sure what's going on or what's happening ... We simply HOPE for the best!

Hoping women like you - what I call Hope Attraction - is a terrible strategy.  If you want consistent success in your dating and love life, if you want the best possible chance with your Dream Girl, you CAN'T rely on hope!

Wouldn't you rather be absolutely CERTAIN that women find you attractive and want to be with you WITHOUT any guessing or hoping?  You want to KNOW without a shadow of doubt that your Dream Woman wants you, right?

Well here's something REALLY POWERFUL I want you to keep in mind.  It's something that literally transforms your life when you fully understand it ...
Attracting Women Is SIMPLY A SKILL
Yup, that's right!  Attracting beautiful women - ALL WOMEN - is simply a skill ... A skill that ANY MAN can master!  

That's why it doesn't matter what you look like, what shape you're in, how much money you make or what your social status is.  You just need the skills and ability to project Alpha Masculinity and know WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.  That's it!  It's so simple!

Everything is learnable ... EVERYTHING.  Once you understand this principle, nothing is out of your reach ... NOTHING! Not even the most beautiful women you meet!

Let me ask you another question ...
"What would it be worth to you, to KNOW EXACTLY how to attract any woman you want, in a PRECISE, PREDICTABLE way that gives you TOTAL CONTROL?"


"What is that knowledge - that POWER - worth to you?"
Look brother, if you've read this far, you're probably just like me.  Someone who wants more out of life, who wants to feel more in-control and wants to be more attractive to women so you can attract your dream girl and find happiness and love.
Here's the thing:  You know how you are with women now ... You know how you REALLY want to be ...  

The only thing left is ... HOW are you going to get there?
The Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint - THE RECIPE - To Gain Total Control Of Your Dating & Love Life & Easily Attract
Your Dream Girl In A Precise, Predictable Way
That's why I created ...
THE MAN: Alpha Up
This took over 3 years to create and cost me countless hours and a shit load of never-ending days and sleepless nights. My wife and kids often felt I was a stranger because I worked so hard on it.  But it was totally worth it!

It makes understanding the dynamics of attraction and using that knowledge and power to attract your Dream Woman 
SOO much easier.  

What used to be such a mystery to me - actually, it was a completely foreign language - is now so simple and easy to understand and apply, it's as natural as breathing!

It shows you the RIGHT way to behave and communicate so women NEED to meet you, spend time with you and take you to bed. 

I took all the training my mentors gave me - everything that helped me completely transform my dating and love life and become irresistible to nearly every woman I meet.

I blended all that knowledge with the experiences and insights I've gained since 1999, and refined it all into a simple, proven, step-by-step system that helps ordinary guys - men just like you and me - EFFORTLESSLY ATTRACT the most beautiful women around!

Today, you have the chance to develop The Power of Alpha Masculinity and unleash your Alpha Gene as well.

Moments from now, you can learn EVERYTHING you NEED to effortlessly attract every woman you meet, and make your dream girl fall madly in love with you ...  

... With precision ... With predictability ... With total certainty!

It's ALL INSTANTLY available when you grab your copy of THE MAN: Alpha Up.
Here's How It'll Transform Your Dating & Love Life So You
Can EASILY Attract Your Dream Girl.  You'll learn ...
  • The TRUTH about attraction ... How it REALLY works, NOT how we THINK it works!
  • How to BE the type of man women REALLY want ... A powerful balance of Nice Guy qualities and Bad Boy traits - a powerful Alpha Male who is ALSO a good guy!  A REAL MAN!
  • How to project ALPHA MASCULINITY ... By making small adjustments to your POSTURE and BODY LANGUAGE so you INSTANTLY look stronger, more powerful and more confident - more ALPHA!
  • How to attract ANY woman who lays eyes on you ... WITHOUT EVER having to say a SINGLE WORD!
  • How to confidently approach ANY WOMAN you like ... WITHOUT ANY fear whatsoever!
  • How to make sure NO WOMAN is out of your league ... Regardless of how hot, popular or famous she is - women will be HOPING they are in YOUR league!
  • Exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it ... So ALL the women you meet find you charming and sexy!
  • How to BEHAVE and COMMUNICATE the RIGHT WAY ... So women want you to BE their lover instead of "Just Being Friends."
  • How to be COMPLETELY confident, comfortable and relaxed in ANY situation ... So EVERYONE - both men and women - treat you with the highest levels of respect!
  • How to BE the MOST POPULAR MAN in the room ... The guy everyone knows and has ALL the hottest women vying for his attention!
  • How to attract, meet and date YOUR DREAM GIRL ... And make her fall hopelessly in love with YOU!
  • My SIMPLE 3 Phase, 12 Step Total Attraction Blueprint ... That'll show you how to MOVE SMOOTHLY through the ENTIRE attraction-dating-seduction process so you know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it every step of the way ... From first spotting a woman you like, to meeting her, attracting her and then having sex with her - often on the very same day/night you meet!
Learning all theses things will help you rapidly master your dating and love life, and be more successful with women. You'll see exactly WHAT women find attractive, WHY they're attracted to these things and HOW to BE the type of man they adore, fall madly in love with and NEVER want to leave!
It's ALL Available When You Access THE MAN: Alpha Up Today!
But That's NOT All ...
When you take action now and order today, you'll also receive 6 - YES 6 - BIG KAHUNA BONUSES that'll EXPLODE your results and help you reach your most attractive potential even faster!
 Big Kahuna Bonus #1 ($17 Value)
50 Awesome Conversation Starters & Pickup Lines gives you my top 50 favourite ways to easily spark up a conversation no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Use them in the clubs, at parties, even walking along the streets.

Never feel lost again when you want to start talking to that hot honey you've got your eye on. Now you'll know EXACTLY what to say so every woman you meet thinks you're cool, fun, charming and sexy!
 Big Kahuna Bonus #2 ($17 Value)
50 Awesome Success Hacks To Be The Most Powerful & Attractive YOU shares 50 of the most powerful insights and advice for living a more fulfilled, joyous and successful life.

Use these simple but profound hacks to reshape your beliefs about who you are, how you behave and how you live your life so you're a man women LOVE!

Applying the principles in this guide can help you quickly become the most attractive and powerful version of yourself!
 Big Kahuna Bonus #3 ($27 Value)
Hypnotic Influence: How To Persuade Women With Your Words teaches you a powerful 6-Step language formula that can help you be more effective at persuading, influencing and leading others, and getting the results you want in any situation.

This powerful language formula will show you how to structure your words, sentences and phrases so you can connect with women more easily, and influence them to feel greater levels of attraction for you.

 Big Kahuna Bonus #4 ($27 Value)
Total Attraction Blueprint: The Map is the framework of my simple but effective, step-by-step Total Attraction system.

This bonus is a powerful guide to be used like a MAP.  Download it to your phone so you can quickly check out the attraction process and what you should be focusing on when you're out in "The Field" or on a hot date.

NEVER be lost and wondering what you need to be doing or what you should do next.  Now you'll ALWAYS KNOW ... every step of the way!

 Big Kahuna Bonus #5 ($444 Value)
1 Years Membership in the Alpha Nation Private FB Group ($37/mnth value)

You'll be part of our awesome community - The Brotherhood - where you'll be able to ask questions, share your experiences and receive a ton of support and advice from me and everyone else in Alpha Nation.

 Big Kahuna Bonus #6 ($204 Value)
1 Years Subscription to our Monthly Newsletter, Alpha'd Up ($17/mnth value)

We'll send Alpha'd Up direct to your email, sharing all our latest articles, tips and advice to help you elevate, master and stay on top of your game.

NEVER be lost and wondering what the hell to do.  Now you'll ALWAYS KNOW ... every step of the way!

And The Best Part ... You Get It All RIGHT NOW
This entire package - THE MAN: Alpha Up Ebook + the 6 awesome, Big Kahuna Bonuses - is 100% digital, INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE.  No waiting days or weeks for books to arrive in the post!

As soon as you've completed your secure online payment, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to your package.

No fuss.  No mess.  NO WAITING!

You're just a mouse-click away from transforming your dating and love life forever!  A mouse-click away from being the type of man who can EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY attract your dream girl and find happiness and love!

How awesome is that?  Pretty cool, right?
OK, I'm Hooked.  What's My Investment For 
This Incredible Package?
Now I usually sell my book on my website for $77.  But it won't cost you that today!

THE MAN: Alpha Up is a 
375 page ebook jam-packed full of instantly applicable knowledge, skills, methods and exercises.  It's a complete program, a step-by-step system - THE Recipe, The Blueprint - to personal transformation and success with women and dating.

Other dating experts and coaches are charging anywhere from $97, $297 and even $997 for similar training.

Once again, you WON'T pay anywhere near that.  My mission is to help as many guys - GOOD GUYS - as I can to master this critical aspect of life.  So I'm making it much more affordable for EVERYONE!
First, Here's Everything You Get
  • THE MAN: Alpha Up Ebook                                                                                                $  77 Value
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  • 50 Awesome Success Hacks To Be The Most Powerful & Attractive YOU                      $  17 Value
  • Hypnotic Influence:  How To Persuade Women With Your Words                                   $  27 Value
  • Total Attraction Blueprint:  The Map                                                                                 $ 27  Value
  • 1 Yrs Membership to Alpha Nation Private FB Group                                                      $444 Value 
  • 1 Yrs Subscription to our Monthly Newsletter, Alpha'd Up                                             $204 Value
  •  THE MAN: Alpha Up Ebook ... $77 Value
  •  50 Awesome Conversation Starters & Pickup Lines ... $17 Value
  •  50 Awesome Success Hacks ... $17 Value
  •  Hypnotic Influence ... $27 Value
  •  Total Attraction Blueprint: The Map ... $27 Value
  •  1 Yrs Alpha Nation FB Group Membership ... $444 Value
  •  1 Yrs Alpha'd Up Subscription ... $204 Value
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60 Day, Iron Clad
100% Money Back Guarantee
I want you to know I've got your back!  You'll know if this is for you or not when you check out the contents of the book.  For many of my students, it "clicks" straight away.  But I don't want you to feel rushed or pressured.

Try it out for a FULL 60 DAYS!  If you don't see anything happening, let me know and I'll refund every cent.

My team and I are fully confident THE MAN: Alpha Up will get you awesome results in your dating and love life.  That's why we're giving you a totally RISK FREE, Unconditional, 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'll shoulder ALL THE RISK!  You use the program for 60 days and if you're not completely satisfied with your results by then, just get in touch and I'll refund 100% of your money back ...

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My team and I stand behind our work 1000%.  We believe we have fantastic products and provide amazing value, and we're totally committed to your success.  If we can't help you, we don't want to keep your money!  We'd rather you walk away KNOWING we weren't playing you and trying to rip you off ...

... I'll even let you keep everything you've received from us AND you'll walk away with your money in your pocket!  That's a promise I'll put my name on!!
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And Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say ...
After my wife of 5 years left me, I was really struggling. I was depressed, missing my kids and feeling so much pain I didn't know what to do. I saw a post from Baden on Facebook about his program and decided to give it a go.  Damn am I glad I did! 

Going through THE MAN: Alpha Up showed me where I was going wrong, helped me rebuild my confidence and be the best ME I could be, and understand how the attraction process works so I could meet and attract anyone I wanted. After just a few short weeks, I was crushing it in the clubs, attracting girls at will, and then I met the gorgeous woman who I'm in a relationship with now.

If you realise something in your life needs to change, this program will help you achieve your goals and so much more.

Kalyn Kereopa, Wellington, NZ
Hi Baden,

First of all I want to thank you for the book "The Man Alpha Up". It is really precious book for me. The process of the content is well-designed and well-thought. I started to read it right after I downloaded. I read it on the bus, now at home, I mean I read it where ever I go. And I believe in the system and the process AND actually THE TEACHINGS you give about dating and love life. I am enlightened while I read the book. 
I fully appreciate your effort and thank you very much...

Mert Cengiz,
Hi Baden hoping that you are fine and good. The information contained in your book is really valuable and a game changer. Please keep up the good work. Regards.
Ezekiel Ranyawa
Baden, just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all the tremendous info, it has really helped me change my life. Brother from the bottom of my heart - and you can trust that i will use this power for good (always wanted to say that lol) - may the force be with you (always wanted to say that too lol). 

Deno Pouesi, Auckland, NZ
THE MAN: Alpha Up program helped me learn who I was first, seeing the way I've been doing things from late teenage years to the present day, then tearing down what my mind is telling me to do and replacing it with an Alpha Mindset.
This stuff really is a no shitter!

I had just ended a 10yr relationship and the timing was perfect when I came across THE MAN: Alpha Academy team. I started the program and after a short time I could see awesome changes. The programme gave me the tools to change myself along with the support of Men who have walked my path before me. When I first started the re-building section I added what tools you learn in the book to what you already have that makes you YOU.

To get most out of the programme you really must be honest with yourself first, ask yourself those hard questions, fix those answers with the help of the THE MAN team and replace your mindset with ALPHA way of thinking.

All you have to do is get into it, read it, learn it, use it, live it. It's as simple and easy as that!

Pete Doile, Wellington, NZ
Alright, I'm Ready Baden ... Let's Make This Happen!
THE MAN: Alpha Up & The Awesome Bonuses?
Just click the button below to order yours now.  Once you've completed your secure payment, you'll be taken to our Registration Page to submit your details so we can send you the access link to your ebook and bonuses.

If you have any questions or issues just flick us an email to and we'll get you sorted out asap.
Grab THE MAN: Alpha Up Package For Just
$47 USD
If You're Still Not Sure, Have A Think About This ...
Because you haven't ordered already, I can only think it's because you're worried about making a bad decision.  You're not sure if this'll work for you and you don't want to be taken for a fool.

Brother ... Totally valid concern.  I don't blame you at all man, that's a fair call.  I mean, you've only known me for a short while and probably don't trust me enough to believe I can help you.  I understand, I'd feel exactly the same way too!

But what if you're NOT making a bad decision?

Let's get real for a minute.  Let's say you get my program and you hate it.  That's pretty much the worst case scenario, right?

Let's say it's the worst thing you've ever had.  It's a load of absolute bollocks!  Realistically, can it get any worse than that?  In my mind, that's the worst it can get, do you agree?

And that's the EXACT reason I'm giving you THE MAN, BIG KAHUNA'S 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!  I want you to have peace-of-mind that you're NOT making a bad decision, that you're NOT being ripped off.  

That's why the risk is ALL on ME!

So go and use my stuff for a full 60 days.  Apply my lessons in your life.  Experience the incredible changes firsthand.  And after that, if you still don't like it and still think it's a load of shit, all you have to do is get in touch and I'll give you ALL your money back , no questions asked! 

Just like that, it'll be fixed.  It'll be like it never, ever happened!
Become THE MAN and attract ANY WOMAN you want,
even your Dream Girl ... Or have ALL your money back!
BUT ... What If It Actually WORKS?
Because you're still reading this, I'm confident you've got a pretty strong gut feeling this is exactly what you're looking for, isn't it?
You've been looking for answers and now you've got a feeling I can help you!  

And if that's the case ... 

Let's say in as little as twelve, maybe eight, or even in just two short weeks, you are fearlessly and confidently attracting any beautiful woman you like.  You know EXACTLY how to behave, how to communicate, what to say and how to say it to trigger deep, gut-level attraction in her so she thinks you're the hottest man she's ever met!
Now THAT is a pretty awesome scenario, don't you think?
After all, the worst thing that can happen, is you think my stuff sucks and you get all your money back.
But the BEST CASE scenario ... That is some real LIFE CHANGING SHIT!
Imagine the pride you're going to feel when your friends see you fearlessly approaching the hottest women you see.  

Imagine how powerful you'll feel getting the respect you deserve, not just from women, but from EVERYONE!

Imagine how attractive you're going to feel when the most beautiful women around want to meet you, hang out with you and be YOUR woman.
Imagine how successful you're going to feel, KNOWING you can attract ANY WOMAN you want.  

Imagine how amazing your life is going to be when you're with your Dream Girl and she is MADLY IN LOVE with YOU!

Like I said, that best case scenario is some EXCITING, AWESOME LIFE CHANGING SHIT man!
And for the price of a couple boxes of beers or a nice steak meal and a drink or two, you're getting EVERYTHING you need to take complete control of your dating and love life FOREVER!  You'd pay more than that on just one date alone (if you're not already), am I right?
But if you grab THE MAN: Alpha Up and the 6 bonuses, you'll NEVER, EVER be guessing or hoping women like you or struggle to attract the girl of your dreams ... EVER AGAIN!
The Choice Is Yours ...
You can keep guessing and hoping beautiful women will be attracted to you, or trying to convince yourself that your ideal woman will magically fall into your lap when the time is right.

And you can keep struggling to get women to notice you and be interested in you, or believing that if you were in better shape, had a cooler car or had more money they'd be all over you!

OR ... You can let me guide you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, and SHOW YOU how to attract your Dream Girl - even if she's a stunning 10 (hell once again, even if she's your Ex) - and make her fall madly in love with YOU with absolute certainty!

Go ahead bro ... Give yourself THE GIFT of being THE MAN!  Give yourself THE GIFT of turning your dream into your REALITY!  Click one of the buttons and get access to the amazing life you've been waiting for!

Then you can look back like I do now, with a huge smile, KNOWING this was the best decision you EVER made : )

All you have to do brother, is click one of those buttons to Alpha Up and change your life forever!
Baden Maxwell
Founder of THE MAN: Alpha Academy
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